Saturday, January 19, 2008

Work in and on Empty Magazine(Australia)

My work is in this month’s issue of Empty Magazine an Art and Design Publication that is produced by the fine folks at Design is Kinky, an Australian Design group based in Sydney. The magazine is Ad free and the production and design is excellent, with full color/full page reproductions of each artist’s work. My drawing of my good friend Borja Bonafuente an illustrator and musican based in Madrid; was used for the cover of the issue. Borja remarked that its a small world when an American Painter does a drawing of a Spanish Artist and the drawing ends up on the cover of an Australian Art magazine.

Empty Magazine
Design is Kinky
Borja aka Mr. Letterman's work


The Painted Sky said...

Cool bananas Kassan!

I will pick up a copy as soon as I can find one.

PS Good to see you started blogging.

JT :)

artist michelle said...

Your work is so beautiful.