Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Upset, available in Europe

My work is in a new book on Contemporary Art called the Upset published by Die Gestalten. I haven't gotten my copy yet so I don't know how the repos are, but its an honor to be included with some very cool artists.
The Upset

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Nice book - hearty congrats. There's some fast company in the preview pages. Very cool.

Jason Peck said...
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Jason Peck said...

Hey David,

Congrats on the book. I love your work, and would love to know more about your technique and palette. Out of curiosity are you a member of rational If not I know a lot of people that would love for you to join..

Sincerely, Jason

david kramer said...

The book lools cool. Where can I get one...local?

David Kassan said...

Thanks Jasons-brush,

I'm a member of RP, I unfortunately don't get over there too much to post. There is a lot of info to be gleamed from the posts there, lots of great contributors who are very generous with their knowledge.

David Kramer,
Not sure where you are. The book is only out in Europe right now, So I haven't even seen it in real life. I think you can order it from the publisher's site if your local is Europe.

Thanks, awesome company to be with, feel like I'm sitting at the popular kids table for lunch. Hopefully they won't throw spit wads at me. :)