Monday, August 3, 2009

Madrid - Lopez

So before I went to Portugal, I was able to fly into Madrid for a quick visit with some friends there as well as some museum study time at the Prado. I've been wanting to study some paintings there for the last 10 years, but never could get there. I was able to spend a few days there this time, but still need way more time. It really is an amazing city and my friends there made me feel like a local instantly, thanks so much Borja, Jorge, Maria, Nacho, and Reuben! Anyway, here are some pics from the trip below, including some shots from when I was introduced to and spent some time with my painting idol Antonio Lopez, Borja, surprised me with this meeting and I was literally in Antonio's living room without knowing where I was, until Borja and Jorge surprised me with where I was and who we were talking with (Antonio's wife and daughter). Then we spent 2 hours or so at his studio talking about Art in general and his work and philosophies. I wish that I had paid more attention in my HS Spanish classes so I could follow along more, Borja helped to translate for me as well ask my question. I don't think I asked anything too intelligent though seeing how I was pretty shocked and more dumbfounded than I usually am. Pretty much the biggest surprise of my life. Antonio was exceptionally warm, welcoming, honest and humble for such an amazing artist. Thanks so much Borja for making this happen!! I owe you one! Oh, Madrid has some amazing bar/clubs. Lets see I sampled a few of them... Tupperware, Louie Louie, Groovy, Milky Way, the Nasty, The Wurlitzer Ballroom, Freeway, the Chill out, In Dreams and perhaps some others I don't recall.

A shot from the Gran Via, exactly where Lopez painted his masterpiece.

A quick elevator shot of Borja and myself.

In front of the Reina Sofia Museo.

Really crappy iphone photo of Antonio Lopez in his studio, and Jorge's blurry arm.


This Painting Life said...

Young Kassan, awestruck and speechless, a rare moment indeed. Looks like you have some memories that will last you a lifetime.

laura genné said...


laura genné said... worked...lool

Unknown said...

Two artists that have provided me with inspiration in the same space. I know you must have pissed yourself a little when you met him. It couldn't happen to a more humble and talented artist. Congratulations.

adebanji said...

What an opportunity to meet such a great master, I am so happy you posted a picture of the master cityscape he painted, it just makes me appreciate his painting the more!

Will you be sharing more of your experiences with him on your blog. A few more tips on what you learnt!

Eugenio Fdez said...

Gran trabajo y gran maestro.

Eugenio Fdez said...

Gran trabajo y gran maestro.