Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Doing a live Streaming Q&A

As an add on to my upcoming DVD launch on Wednesday, I thought that it would be cool to do a 2 hour live streaming Question and Answer Event from my Brooklyn studio for only 10 bucks. I'll be doing a little materials demonstration of how I layer in charcoal, show clips from the new drawing DVD, and answering any questions about gallery representation, different approaches to drawing/painting, and anything else that is thrown at me during the 2 hours. Should be a fun experience. This event is sponsored by my friends at http://artstudiosecrets.com and they will be moderating for me. To sign up please check out http://artstudiosecrets.com/premium/david-kassan-live-webcast-4-21-2010/

1 comment:

Christine Lim said...

Cool! I am excited for you. I look forward to be there. Gotta make sure I got the time right. :)