Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Drawing Closer to Life - NOW AVAILABLE

Its finally available! I go to pick my dvds today from the manufacturer in South Jersey. I have them available now for purchase on my site at they are 99.95 and the shipping is included in the price for those in the continental United States, I had to go with a flat shipping rate of 15 bucks for anywhere else in the world, sorry about that Carmen Santiago. :( Anyway, I have the trailer available online for anyone interested in checking it out at as well. thanks again for the all of the support on this project over the last year!!


Caroline Peña Bray said...

The trailer is great and congratulations on getting the DVD out! I'll be placing an order come payday. You might be interested to read Wyndham Lewis's 'The Role of Line in Art', in which he brilliantly describes drawing as 'The bone beneath the pulp'. The Ingres quote in your trailer is also used by Lewis to open his essay. Rare copies of the essay now sell for about $200 but you'd be able to find it in a good academic library I'm sure. Best of luck with the DVD and keep on with the stunning paintings :)

D-lo said...
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Lee Boyd said...

Your dvd looks great thanks for putting up the you tube clip will there be a dvd version that will play region 2? (UK) Cheers Lee

Catarina said... long does it take?
Dont the models get tired?

Kristy Gordon said...

wow, that looks amazing David!

mel magee said...

like you said. a great way to help out those in need. it also gives dignity to the model.what a great thing!