Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wednesday Night Figure Drawing - Salmagundi Center for American Art

Teaching a class on Wednesday nights at the Salmagundi Center for American Art. Had the first class this past Wednesday and it was a great group of students.

Here is a demo that was covered by American Artist Magazine that was done in July at the Salmagundi Club.


This Painting Life said...

Congratulatations on the article David, am rushing out to the newstand later today to get one! Glad you've got a blog finally too!!!!

adebanji said...

I notice the painting that shows the eyes of the model above. I cannot believe me eyes. Please, to start off, where can I get the full demo?

Also, for very long in my life I have been trying to take the feeling I get in my drawing into my painting but I haven't been able to. Looking at this single close up of the eyes of this model has convinced me of its possibility!

Can you help to explain how you go about this, because all I can see in the close up is something I LONG TO ACHIEVE IN MY WORK.

I really respect your diligence and power!

David Kassan said...

Thanks Adebanji,

I think I have the demo on my site in the instruction section somewhere, if you can't find it email me at
I've been trying to make my process of drawing and painting the same. you have total control of how you work and your method should reflect your sensibilities.

Unknown said...

where can i see the full piece instead of only the eye detail?

Unknown said...

Dear David,
In some of your posts, you mentioned painting on board. Is it birch primed with what or what kind of substrate are you using. My collectors like my tighter pieces and I have been painting on 1/4 masonite primed with rabbit skin glue and true gesso. It is still pretty absorbent